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 Paramount Training Group, LLC is committed to your safety.

Safety is paramount and training safely builds confidence and skill. 

Our mission is to provide our students with the proper Knowledge, Skills and Attitude to 

 become more confident in a self-defense situation

improve marksmanship

enjoy the shooting sports

Proud Supporter of the 2nd Amendment

Refuse To Be A Victim Class

Range Day!!

Learning from Dave "Boone" Benton

Trying a little something new at the range

Team Paramount is always training and working on improving our own skills to better help our clients.  Paramount Training Group is all about safety, so teaching the NRA Refuse To Be A Victim is a special part of what we do. The program stresses situational awareness and self-defense strategies for all ages. 

Most of our team members meet weekly to practice, learn and enjoy sharing some time with friends.  We compare experiences and ideas to improve our training techniques and develop our curriculum.  Learning from some of the foremost experts in the industry gives us great information that we can share with our clients. 

Tony takes 1st place in Rimfire Division in the Homestead Glock match in April.

Training Day with Brevard County Deputies

Appleseed Event

Practice Self Defense Moves

One of our favorite things to do is training with local law enforcement.  Those guys are tough on us, but we appreciate what they do and we are always grateful for the opportunity to learn from them.  

Everyone should participate in an Appleseed event.  History, Safety, Marksmanship and Heritage.  Check out for an event in your area.  

We recently had the opportunity to learn some great self-defense moves from MMA fighter, Shawna "BamBam" Ormsby, courtesy of our friends at Veritas Tactical in Orlando, Florida.

Who We Are And What We Do

NRA Certified Instuctors

We are a group of qualified NRA Certified Instructors in a variety of fields ranging from Basic Pistol Instruction, Basic Rifle Instuction, In-home safety, Situational Awareness and Range Safety. We provide training for Florida Concealed Weapons License.

Marksmanship Skills

Looking to improve your accuracy on the range? We can help with your grip, stance, timing, and overall accuracy.  Personal attention is given to every area to get a closer group in a faster time. 

Finding the Right Gun for You

The right gun is instrumental for safety.  We will assist you in finding the gun and gear that best fits your needs and your budget. We are not a firearms dealer.

NRA Recruiter

The National Rifle Association fights hard every day to secure our rights as gun owners.  As a member of the NRA, you become a part of that fight.  Talk to us about becoming a member or renewing your membership today.  Use Code XI032466.

Please contact us to learn more

Text or Call

321.209.4878 for Sandy Nicotra

321.557.1261 for Tony Mullins

@2018 Paramount Training Group, LLC

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